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Adiós 2009! Bienvenido 2010!

December 19, 2009

So 2009 is coming to a close, and I’m not at all morose (Wow it rhymes :D. It was not intentional, I swear :P).. Infact I am quite excited to welcome the new year and start things afresh.


Why so? Well 2009 and even 2008 weren’t such good years for me :(.


All the confusion about deciding a career, my opinions clashing with my parents. It was extremely nerve-racking. Not that I have zeroed on anything yet, but I have a vague idea now which is good. Something’s always better than nothing, right :)?

Also in these 2 years I broke off relations with 2 of my closest friends. One of them was a friend for 10 years. It was heart-breaking. People’s way and level of understanding change and they become too stubborn to consider other’s view-points. Differences in opinions, miscommunication, etc result in rifts. Breaking off such connections become inevitable and sometimes necessary inspite of the misery you have to bear. I have regretted this step for so long and I am tired of playing the blame-game. I wish to forgive and forget, forge new friendships, meet new people and essentially just move on.

Work, last year had started of very well. First jobs are always exciting. But somehow it lost appeal, became extremely monotonous and the urge to do something new and original became stronger.


I hope 2010 brings with it new opportunities, new ideas, new relationships (a few exciting ones too *wink*) and most importantly, as my friend S says, more willpower (just recently I’ve realised it’s importance..Thnx S :D).


The dull life of the past 2 years has been sort of a learning lesson. I want to pull off something exceptional, eccentric and unorthodox and basically just SHINE!!!


Have a great year everyone!

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