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These last few days… My SNAP experience and other things…

December 23, 2009

So SNAP got over.. It went well except for General Awareness.. It was kind of a nightmare (only the GK section.. I answered all in English and the right number in logic and quant. 😀 Yeyyyy!!!)


There were questions like “The longest TV cartoon in history, first launched by Warner Bros. and now popularized by Cartoon Network”.. I mean, who cares? The answer is Scooby Doo by the way(surprising isn’t it?).. But my point is why do I need to know this to do MBA???

Another funny one was “Which country makes Panama hats?” It’s Ecuador, which I did get right. It was a fluke ;). Well I get the reason for this one- if at all I want to start a business of selling Panama hats in India I should know where to buy the"Panama Hat"m from, right :P?

They are smart by the way, these hats.. If anyone’s going to Ecuador you know where to find me ;). Ecuador is a country in South America. The Equator passes through it, thus it has a hot, tropical climate. However it’s capital Quito is a world heritage site. Ecuador is a beautiful country with a rich history due to its origins from the Inca Empire.

I think that’s enough of GK.. Moving on…



After the exam, all I’ve been doing is lazing around. I went for shopping that day itself, though. Bought shoes- amazing ones from ‘Tresmode’. They were expensive, but mom was in a very generous mood that day, so…. 😀


 "New Moon"

I also saw “New Moon”. What a waste of time and money!!! There was nothing much to do, so on my cousin’s insistence I accompanied her. And also I generally do watch the movies based on the books I have read.. Not that I like the series so much. Twilight was good/ average.. But things surely went downhill after that, especially New Moon.. Eclipse was a slight improvement, and don’t even bother to ask about Breaking Dawn.

I just find the whole story ridiculous. There’s so much confusion and indecisiveness and I really feel it is the author who is the ‘confused character’. And the vampire-human-werewolf love triangle.. Come on!!!! Please be a little original.

The best part is when Bella marries Edward, gives birth to a half vampire-half human baby, becomes a vampire herself, and Jacob and the baby in the end become a couple (the baby has a super fast growth rate- a modified version of progeria maybe :P- no offense intended). Sorry did I spill the beans? But wasn’t this predictable??

So the movie- Kristen Stewart really can’t act. She is beautiful, but unfortunately she doesn’t suit the character of Bella Swan at all. However Robert Pattison playing Edward Cullen was good, though he does not have so much screen time. I say ‘good’ because I don’t want to be on the hit list of vampire-crazed-fans (a few of my friends included ;)). I mean, what do they see in him? He is such a stereotype and an obvious character choice (I mean Cullen not Pattison).

The best in my opinion was Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black. He is a good actor and obviously the best decision the producers have made till now ;), besides the fact that he is gorgeous.

As for the direction, etc. I really cannot say much as the story itself is unappealing to me. However what I really appreciate is that the makers did not deviate from the book’s storyline.



Apart from this, I have started painting again. I had left an oil unfinished before exams started. I want to finish it before New Year and begin another one.


Got some good news today which made my day! Indiblogger accepted my blog and I am now listed on their site :D. You can click on the shiny red badge below to navigate to


 Apart from that I have no plans whatsoever for New Year’s Eve. People keep asking me and I am tired of saying that I am not doing anything. I don’t party, because, well for one I don’t like the whole concept, and also I have no one to go with and nowhere to go :P.



I guess I better go to sleep, because my eyes have become bloodshot- which is really scary! I’ve been at the computer for a long time, sprucing up my page. Have a look around.. Looks good? What do you think??

Which also reminds me to draw your attention to the charities listed. Please do support these social causes. As we all know hunger is a mass killer, and millions of people are victims of it. I strongly support education because to me there is no other way around it. Child welfare- for all those innocent lives who deserve a lot more.. Breast cancer is something very personal having lost my grandmother to it.. So I request you all to take a look around and help in any way possible.



Anyways goodnight :).

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  1. December 23, 2009 11:50 PM

    Am a fellow Indiblogger. Good to see you writing. As I am an introvert as well. Blogging is tailor made for us.

  2. Sourabh Biswas permalink
    December 25, 2009 12:54 AM

    It brings on a smile upon my face to discover girls who DO NOT LIke Twilight and anemic Edward Cullen. Moreover, there is one blog post I would like you to peruse that has elaborated on the above, albeit in a more humorous manner.

    The blog, as I see it, looks very nice. Keep it up!

  3. Cathern Bernardoni permalink
    February 7, 2011 7:26 AM

    That had been wonderful information. You have done an awesome job communicating your message. Carry on the nice work.

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