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Thoughts Before A New Beginning…

December 31, 2009

There are so many thoughts flowing through my head right now..


So many things are left to be done. Tasks I was scared to complete in the past, procrastinated and neglected by me have to be completed. Certain things are already dealt with, while others still leave niggling doubts in my head.


Memories resurface, of fun and laughter, tears and tantrums. Some I regret and some I want to treasure for ever. All those scenes floating inside my head, I want to collect and go through them one by one, experiencing them all over again. Photographs, phrases, some tunes, which set me off on a long and winding walk down memory lane. Reminiscing about friends, relations, promises made and broken. Thinking about all those people who have left deep, lasting impressions on my mind and heart, others whose memories have got washed away with time.


I have been thinking about all that I have accomplished. It seems so little in front of all that I have to still achieve. I have to make my parents proud, be someone who people look up to. I have to be a better person, learn from all the mistakes I have made.


There are so many things to remember and recollect. So many memories to relive. So many dreams to fulfil. Is there enough time? 


I guess, the best way is to take one step at a time. And the most important resolution for the coming year would be to be happy and spread love and joy.



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  1. Undaunted Girl permalink
    December 31, 2009 10:56 PM

    Happy New Year!!!


  2. January 4, 2010 2:46 PM

    Nice Post.

    Wish u n ur family a very happy n prosperous new year..

    Keep Smiling n Keep Blogging.

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