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The Eye Of A Needle

January 8, 2010

My MBA classes are back on from this week. They are now prepping us for Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GD/PI).

We’ve had two sessions till now. The first one was excellent. We had a mock GD session where the topic given was “Mother nature is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed” (this year’s XAT essay topic). Pretty easy huh? It was actually, and I did well too (glowing from within ;)). I spoke about green audits, and the government’s regulatory role in curbing pollution etc. So a good experience overall :).

On the second day we were introduced to extemporary allocution. And all the lecturer said was practice makes one perfect. I could feel everyone’s trepidation including mine, and was actually sympathising with the person who would have to go first. Well who would it be? Me, obviously (if you haven’t yet figured it out). Somehow I am always the first to be picked out for such things. I don’t know why. Maybe the other person can see the doubt on my face, or what, I don’t know. I should have been prepared for it, I mean after all this time it was expected. Anyways I am digressing as usual. So I was supposed to randomly pick up a topic from a boxful. And what do I get? “The eye of a needle”. Wow!!! We did get a minute to think about what we wanted to speak which is not exactly how it’ll be in the real situation. However being a practice class it was allowed. The thoughts flowing through my head were as follows: “Oh God! I am so dead! I was picked first. I knew this was going to happen. Shouldn’t have gloated so much last time. God’s punishment for being such a proud ass”… something of this sort. Well of course didn’t help with the task. The lecturer was kind, she gave me a hint and then things became easier. However it sure is going down in “The Most Embarrassing Days Of My Life”.

Now that I think about it, it was not at all difficult. It was just the situation that made it whatever it was. Somehow, it is extremely upsetting for me when I underperform. But I also feel that this uneasiness also helps me perform better the next chance I get. “What lies in front of you or behind you has no relevance to what is within you” (this was another topic, but it seems quite appropriate here). So all the best to me for the next class :D.


Otherwise I’ve had a peaceful week. My friend is back from States (Yeyyyyy!!!) so I’m having fun. I am studying too for all those judging me :P. I am taking the inter-CA 2nd group exam this May so I have started with Cost Accounting first because it is quite a tough nut to crack. I also saw 3 Idiots, finally! Amazing movie and one I would recommend to all.


Something I have decided to do, is to carry my camera wherever I go. I enjoy taking pictures and there are so many instances where I’ve wished for a camera. It is going to be fun. Watch out everyone!!! 😀


As of now, I am checking my e-mails. I got one from with my Indirank (Yeyyyyy again!!!!). My inbox is perpetually full. And I have id’s in hotmail, yahoo and gmail. Multiple in some :P. And on top of that I hate checking mails. Especially “shitty” ones. I hope the person for whom this was intended gets my point.


Bye for now. See you’ll soon :)…

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  1. January 11, 2010 12:12 AM

    Lokking forward to your snaps! R u on flickr? will add u as contact then.

  2. January 25, 2010 10:20 AM

    “crappy” would be appropriate, however it WAS innovative 😀

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