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St. Valentine’s Day Myth

February 13, 2010

Tomorrow’s St. Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers. Of all the day’s like Women’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Children’s Day (did I leave any?); I guess this one is the most popular. Made more so by all the gift shops and card shops and the media of course. I mean, who wouldn’t get attracted to cute, colourful especially red displays everywhere. It has now become fashionable to celebrate Valentine’s Day, without really considering its ‘true meaning’.

So what is the true meaning? Are you waiting for me to answer? How the hell do I know?

I am sure Google can help though ;)…


OK so I did Google it, but was not quite convinced. Mind you I am not judging all those who will spend the day with their ‘Valentine’. I wish them all the happiness :D.

Oh and please, do share what you are planning to do. As for me, fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have any plans. So I am going to amuse myself with a few funny Valentine’s Day stories.


One particular myth caught my attention. It goes like this:


“It is said that on St. Valentine’s Day, if a young girl saw a particular bird then she would marry a particular type of man!

So for the ladies, the following birds held a wide spectrum of choice!

Blackbird… A man of the cloth (Priest)
Bluebird… A man of laughter
Crossbill… A man of argument
Dove… A man of kindness
Goldfinch… A man of wealth
Robin… A man of the sea
Sparrow… A man of the country
Woodpecker… No man (lol :D)
Yellow Hammer… A man of wealth
Yellow Wagtail… A man of wealth

Another myth says that if a young girl sees a hen and a cockerel together on St. Valentine’s Day she will marry soon. Needless to say, farms were popular places amongst young girls on Valentine’s Day!!!”


Well I saw a crow.. I wonder what that means :P???



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  1. February 13, 2010 11:00 PM

    Errr…. i am officially driving off all the birds outside my girl friends apartment tomorrow… wait…:P

  2. February 14, 2010 4:52 PM

    Thats really amusing…ne’er heard of this one.
    But its quite interesting.

    Wonder wat Crow stands for?

    Do drop in to check out few simple ideas for Val craft in my blog
    Warm Regds

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