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All Over Again

November 28, 2010

He walked through the corridors of his silent home, looking around. What didn’t he own? He had everything a man could possibly dream of. And the best of all, he was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter, his life, his soul. He had just put her to sleep, and the little distance between them pinched his heart. She was after all, his only reason to exist.


One of the two reasons, he corrected himself. His second most prized possession was there now, lying on their bed, waiting patiently. His heart leapt as it always did when he laid his eyes on her. She was enticingly beautiful, ethereal as ever, emitting an incandescent light as if she came from a different world. She was and always would be the love of his life, an elixir to his existence.



She was a reflection of his past, a past in which he had encountered nothing but ecstasy and satisfaction. She was also a reminder of his future. a future he would never know.

He cherished these fleeting moments with her, craved for them and at the same time fearing them as if, effervescent as she was,  would dissolve into nothingness.


She: What are you staring at?

He: I have missed you. Where were you?

She: I have been around the whole time. You are as unobservant as ever.


When he continued to stare…

She: Is she asleep?

He: Yes.

She: She is so beautiful.

He: Just like her mother. How can you bear to leave her?


He saw pain crossing her delicate face, and quickly tried to divert her mind.

He: Tell me, are Angels real?

She: What do you think?

He: I think you are.

She: What else can I be?


She: How did you do today?

He: You should know, you have been around.


She waited…

He: There are moments when I want to run away from all this sorrow, when the pain gets unbearable. I forget where I am when I think about you.


She: I am sorry.

He: Are you?


She: You don’t know what you are saying. I think you should sleep, you seem worn out.

He: You just want a reason to disappear.

She: Have I ever? I have kept my promise, I will stay right here with you forever.

He: Even if I can’t see you?

She: Even if you can’t see me.


He: I love you.

She: Till eternity.


As he closed his eyes, her vision shimmered and faded away before him, taking his heart with her, all over again.

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  1. November 28, 2010 12:56 AM

    Neat, deep & touching…

  2. November 28, 2010 6:55 PM


  3. ankurtulsian permalink
    December 13, 2010 11:51 PM

    One word for it: Beautiful.

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